How we work

PSDA members meet in person to collaborate whenever we can

International conferences typically provide PSDA members with opportunities to connect and collaborate in person. We coordinate and strategise before and during these events, and evaluate our joint advocacy efforts and achievements when they end.

In our ongoing work, the PSDA is organiszed into three working groups, with the work of each working group coordinated by a volunteer chair. The overall coordinator of the PSDA is member organisation The Danish Family Planning Association. Each working group is in contact whenever relevant for information sharing, joint strategising and development of advocacy messages or activities. Ad hoc working groups are established when needed, particularly around PSDA representation at international conferences.

Around once per month, members of the the entire PSDA participate in a group call. These calls are an opportunity for PSDA members engaged in community-based work to share results and discuss learning from their programmes, and for PSDA members engaged in policy work to highlight advocacy opportunities and discuss strategies for reaching out to decision makers.

Working Groups incl. lead organisations:

What international agreements we refer to

Our work is centred around several international agreements:

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We welcome new members

The PSDA thrives on a diverse, proactive and engaged membership we encourage organisations who share our commitment to rights-based, intersectoral and climate-resilient approaches to sustainable development to join our alliance and contribute to our collective work.